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Kareative Kollective

The Kareative Kollective consists of African-Caribbean-Canadian children’s writers and illustrators, extending a message of creation, patience and love. We are sharing our knowledge, capacity and skills with local writers, young readers and future leaders in the world of publishing.

The Kareative Kollection exposes participants to the publishing process, exploring the method of writing and illustrating a book:

  • Children’s Readers
  • Reading Retreats
  • Book Tours

Attendees learn what strategies help them to create, write and manage their daily business

  • Goal setting
  • Mentoring
  • Consultations
  • Key services

“We explore the elements of story to enhance participants connection to audience , personal purpose and wider community to celebrate culture”

Loving Me Series
Loving Me Series
Legacy Enterprises
Nzuri Books

The Nu Narrative Literacy Empowerment

Program aims to celebrate, connect and grow young writers to explore the importance of children’s literature in developing their voice and vision as an author.

“We desire to bequeath two things to our children the first one is ‘roots’  the other one is ‘wings’.”


Community Programs

Through a multi-disciplinary learning approach we provide messages of inspiration and personal empowerment through the use of music, games, dances and dreams to aid attendees to create original literature.


School Programs

The tenets of our program engage students to develop their artistic abilities to be information managers, effective communicators and creative thinkers in the writing and publishing of an original story as a class, partnership and individual student.

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Library Programs

We help to support children and patrons connected to their local branch by becoming features authors in the systems circulation. Promoting literacy and engaging young authors to build their narrative in voice, vision and confience.

“We explore the elements of story to enhance participants connection to audience, personal purpose, empowerment of their community and celebration of culture.”

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Kareative Interlude events expose participants to develop a deeper appreciation to the arts, personal awareness and cultural connection to celebrate the stories of tomorrow today!


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